As a Designer, I’ll say about what are the basic needs to make a better blog or website. If you want a good rank of your blog or website without any design, content, Perfect image quality etc. You can’t survive without these things. So here we are with the Basic Needs to Make a Better Blog or Website.

If you are really serious to make a perfect blog or website follow these are Basic Needs to Make a Better Blog.

Basic Needs to Make a Better Blog or Website.


This is the first thing which is you should know more carefully about “LOGO DESIGN” your blog or website logo should be perfect with design and size. Mostly person search logo’s from google for their website or blog but this is not good for them because these logo will not be compatible with your blog or website name. So, here are some tips to create a logo for your blog. But one thing is really important for you “Depending on your artistic talents to create a LOGO”

1. You should know little bit Adobe Photoshop.

2. Then you will probably also need to have a selection of different type fonts.

3. Take a picture form internet which is related to your website name but use only free images.

For Example : I made this logo by myself but the background image is free and the text match with my website name. Its really easy you can make it by yourself.

Click Here For Free Images Websites.

Basic Needs to Make a Better Blog

Basic Needs to Make a Better Blog or Website.

2. Header Design

If you’d like to spice up your site’s header but you don’t want to spend money on your blog or website. So don’t worry I have something that you can make your own header by yourself but you need some graphic editing tools to make your website header and you should know about how to use these tools. Some graphics tools can be a little difficult to handle if you’re aren’t used to them, so along with each tool described, there’s a link to a tutorial. These tutorials are especially focused on making website headers with the tool.

Make a Header with The Xheader

Basic Needs to Make a Better BlogXheader is a free software that is designed specifically to create headers. While not as refined as more general motive graphics tool, it is comparatively simple to understand and use.

Xheader Tutorial : The Xheader site itself offers video tutorials for you to check out.

Make a Header with Picasa

Basic Needs to Make a Better BlogPicasa is a photo editing and sponsoring tool owned by Google. Although not billed as an all out graphics tool, it does provide lots of graphics capabilities to make a header.

Picasa Tutorial : Here’s the tutorial for making a header with Picasa.


3. Improve Your Content Quality 

Do you have a blog? Are you looking some tips about how to improve your Content. Blog writing and a number of censorial factors that will help to ensure the production of high quality posts. “Links are the gold of the web” but if you use anybody else’s content , or licensed directly or via fair use, it is really crucial to be sure to confer a clickable link to the original website if only at all possible. This is not only help visitors to your website or blog search the real work, but it is also provides SEO benefits for the maker of the content and defense against your website or blog being wrong by the search engines as the original work.

4. Improve Frequency of Posts

The one thing is really important to readers have come to expect from a respectable blog is a frequent and credible posting schedule. But the number of posts you plan to write per week or day  depends on your material. This is the best way to do a regular and compatible schedule.

5. Headings

I’m talking about arrogate attention, I’ve a way to do that is with the use of headings and subheadings. Not only does it helps the reader to track down what the post is about, but it also increases the readability of the post, which is really important idea for all web content. Heading tags (e.g., H1 and H2) will also help with optimizing posts for search engines.

6. Keywords

We are using of many keywords in blog posts helps the post to be picked up and ranked by search engines like { Google, Yahoo, Bing Etc.} Until it’s important thing to use them strategically in title tags, headings, body of content, URL and meta detail, it’s also important to not go outboard and keyword – material a post.

7. Links

As we discuss already about links are the gold of the web. In an addition to linking to the posts you’ve referenced, you can also refer to the link back to one of your own respective posts, which will be also help your blog’s SEO.

8. How to add a Favicon

If you want to make your website looking standout in crowded favorites lists in browsers and address bars? How about displaying your favicon next to the links to your Website.

Create a favicon on your computer by some editing tools such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Fireworks, illustrator etc. And your new document ->size Should be 16p x 16p {P = Pixel} -> Create something simple that best describes your site and the favicon should match with your website name or logo then save as: favicon.ico, If your favicon has done  you can upload it to you website hosting server. After that you can see your favicon to a web page.

9. How to Make Featured Image

What is the featured image in wordpress ? I have been asked this question so many times. When someone installs WordPress and goes into their editor window, down on the right hand side they find Featured Image Bar. Your featured image can play many roles. And it can be dependent on your theme or a plugin.

Let’s take a look at the Nexus Theme. If we add a featured image and no images in the post itself but the image shows up above the post title.

Basic Needs to Make a Better Blog

But if we add an image at the top of the post like this as a featured image, Now we have get a post with two images. With this theme if you require the image above the title, you would use the featured image. But if you want it below the title of the post, you would insert this image directly into the post.

but one thing you must remember about featured images should be perfect size without thing your featured image not look so well because size is always matter in graphics and your image size should be lower then (200 KB) that’s all.

That’s all I can say on The Basic Need to make a better blog.

If I left something out in the Basic Need to make a blog then please comment below.

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