Author: Rohit Sharma

A Fantastico Creature

Hello guys, this is my sixth story in the creepy series. So, all the things that are written here are completely fictional: So the story starts with a kid named Alan. Alan is in preschool and is a very good student. Alan’s father whose name is John is also a very hard working professional in a good and reputable company. Alan likes his school very much. He likes every thing about the town where he live. He thought that this is the only place which is good for him. His father John also likes this town a lot and specially because he was raised here and all of his friends lives there. One fine day, John went to his office. Then a girl came and said that the boss has called you. This thing terrified John and he started thinking what will happen now. He went to the office of his boss. From the looks he can say that his boss was angry. He scolded John for being late at work. To which John replied that his car was broken that is why he was late. To answer that, his boss said to him that he will be transferring him to another branch which is in another town. John has no other option beside telling him that it is okay. Because, John can not loose this job. This job is...

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The Peppy Dance

Hello guys, continuing my series of creepy stories. Here is another, so the written things here are completely fictional. So this story starts with a person who was not into religious or tribal activities. He was an atheist and does not believes in God and other religious activities. His name was Michael Lesner family and he was the eldest among his five brothers. Other members of Lesner family was not like that. They do believe in God and do all kinds of worship such as going to Church and things like that. One day his father came home from work. He said that, he just got promoted because of its work. And his work was so good that his boss has granted him a week off. His father said that they are going to a place in a certain city to celebrate these holidays. The city was very good and there were lots of tourist there. As a special attraction of the city, this city has a very popular shrine. Most of the people who visits the city also visits the shrine. So Lesnar family also thought of visiting the shrine. There they saw a the shrine and people were dancing around it. It was a peppy dance and Michael finds it very funny. He started laughing after seeing the peppy dance. Then a person came near to them...

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The Fantastico Surprise

Hello guys, this is my fourth post in the creepy stories. So, everything here is purely fictional. This story is about a person who was doing a wrong thing for making his earnings. His name was Auro and once he was a very successful business man. He was earning great amount of money from his business and did not need anything more from life. But, life took an unexpected turns and his company went into a big loss. He went bankrupt and lost all of his property and money. He did not have any one important in his life other than his precious daughter. Before getting bankrupt he bought an apartment for her in a different city and admitted her into a good college. His daughter does not have any idea about the situation of his father. Auro also did not want to tell his daughter about the incidents and his current condition. Because, Auro did not have any place to leave he was roaming here and there. Then suddenly it started raining and he went under a shade. In front of him there was a cemetery and he saw that a dead body is being buried in the Earth. That body has many costly and unique jewels on it. He saw this as an opportunity to get some earnings. In the night he went into the cemetery and...

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The cursed music

Hello fellas, this is my third post on the creepy series. So all the things here are completely fictional. This story is about a kid named as Dean. He lives in a small village and he love to play violin. His dream was to become a successful violin player in a big band. He got the inspiration of playing the violin from grand father. He was a very good violin player and he taught Dean how to play violin. Three years ago, his grandfather died and he left his precious violin in the hands of Dean’s father. Dean, always wanted to get the violin but his father ordered him to never touch the violin. Dean never understand that why his father is not letting him to get the violin. Dean liked that violin too much but he also noticed certain strange things. He always saw some nasty insects around the violin. He sprayed insecticide many times on the violin but some how the insects came back. In Dean’s school a special thing was going on. The School wants to celebrate its Annual function in a grand style. So, they thought they will invite the whole village for the celebration. There was also a musical program which was performed by the school band. Dean, try to make it in the band and after many efforts he became a member of...

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The Impact of that incident

Hello fellas, this is my second stories on the series of creepy stories. So, here nothing is technical all the things are fictional here. A long time ago, there was a person who fell in love with a very beautiful girl. He loves that girl very much and was ready to sacrifice everything for her. The girl also liked him but she did not love him. He was paying all the expenses of the girl and the girl was very happy from that is why she liked him. One day, he came to his house and told that girl that he left his job. She asked him why to which he said because his boss was talking to him in a very disrespectful manner. Instead of giving him some good advice, she ordered him to go back and apologize to his boss. After hearing that the man asked that why should he do that, to which she answered because she needs a new dress. He told her that, he will search for a new job but will not apologize to his boss. The next day when he came back, he saw that his house was empty and his girl friend and his belongings was not there. This incident made a huge impact on his life. Now in present times, which twenty years later. That guy who has changed his...

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