Author: Rohit Sharma

Enable God Mode windows 7.

Hi guys today I am going to tell you how to  Enable God Mode windows 7 ,8. Ever wonder if you get all the setting of the pc in just one place. Like in GTA trainer, now you can do it. How to enable god mode or got all the control of the system in your hand. How to Enable God Mode windows 7, 8 It will going to work in any window came after windows 7, even in windows 8. Now to enable that just create a folder on desktop and named it as : CensaRone.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C} and its done.  ...

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How to hack facebook account using phishing very simple.

Hi guys today we are gonna discuss on how to hack facebook account using phishing. Phishing is a technique in which a fake page has been created and send to the user. Now when the user enters his details in it, its information will be reached to the creator of the fake page. Now first we are starting with the facebook but you can use this technique to hack other account as well such as google, yahoo and even paypal. *Note this article does not support hacking, It’s just for education purpose. How to hack facebook account using these steps:...

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Increase Internet Speed By 20%

Today I come with an awesome trick on how to increase internet speed by 20%. In windows the QOS (Quality of Service) Packet Scheduler reserve the 20% of the internet speed for it self to maintain the quality of the services. But we don’t often need those services, than why shouldn’t we override the setting to get that speed. Now to increase internet speed the steps are Step 1.Click “Start” and then select “Run” or press “windows button + R” to open Run dialogue Box. Step 2.Type “gpedit.msc” for Open Group Policy window. Step 3.In Computer Configuration (left column)...

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What is Android rooting

What’s up guys, today we are gonna talk about what is android rooting ? Android is a open source operating system developed by Google. Google created this that doesn’t mean only Google has the power to develop it. Android is developed by many other companies all over the world but the thing is some of it’s functions are locked by them. What is Android Rooting Now, to prevent the casual user from causing permanent damage to the operating system several features are disabled. Rooting means unlock the phone or access those features or functions. You can say its a...

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Recover From Boot Loop Android

Hi Guys today I am going to tell you how to Recover From Boot Loop Android  “Boot loop” is a very familiar term for smartphone users whatever OS they use, but it is definitely more familiar to Android phone users. Android being an Open Source operating system, is open to third party modifications. If you have a basic or advanced knowledge of Linux coding, you can develop a custom ROM or a modify a system file of your Android phone. Such openness has opened vistas for our great developers to cook ROMs, mods and hacks. It has enriched our experience...

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