Author: Rohit Sharma

MTBD #SmartTrucking with Better Mileage

I always thought think that Mileage is a very important issue when we go to buy a vehicle. Well, there are several reasons for this. I means, we all know that the Petrol or Oil is a non – renewable source of energy. That means, once it gets depleted then we would not get any more oil. But, do you know that a mileage of a truck is very important for all of us. Yes, you heard me right, it is important for all of us, whether we have a truck or not. I know what you are thinking,...

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The impact of the wish

Hello guys, this is my tenth post in the creepy series. So, all the things written here are completely fictional. This story is about a business man whose name was Sam. Sam was 45 years and he has a beautiful wife and a son who was 19 years old and was suffering from cancer. The business of Sam was running great and they were all happy. But one day, something unexpected happened. A fire blast happened in one of his factory and many precious items were lost. He went bankrupt and many of his shares was lost. He was thinking of something or some way which can restore his company. He was getting no idea on how to manage the situation. One day he was roaming on road and an old man stumbled upon him. The old man said, “You look worried?”. To which he replied and told him all the things that happened. The old man said, “May be, I can help you.”. To which Sam said, “how?”. The old man gave him a mask and said that this mask can fulfill your three wishes. But, he will take one most important thing from you. Sam thought that this was a joke but he kept the mask. He then asked the mask to restore his company. And the next day he heard the news that a big deal...

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Death by Music Part 2

Hello fellas, this is my ninth post in the creepy series. So everything written here is completely fictional. As you can read in the title, it is the second part of my previous story “Death by Music Part 1”. So, where were we? The whole group of those six kids was talking about to go into the cave. And they finally decided that yes, they would go there. That night the six friends Alan, Leon, Bobby, Sara, Miley and Fenah came out of their house and met at the corner of the street. Every one was holding a flash light and every one was scared. Then Alan said, “Let’s go and do this thing.”. All the group went to that cave. The entrance of the cave was blocked and warning boards were there. Those warning boards have a notice which said, “Do not enter.”. Bobby, tore that board and they all entered the cave. The cave was very dark and without the torch they could not see anything. They started searching here and there and by that, they keep progressing into the cave. They went too far from the entrance. The whole group started to believe that there is no threat and there is no guitar here as well. Then they saw a reflection of something. They saw that there was a hole in the front wall and the guitar...

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Death by Music Part 1

Hello guys, this is my Eighth post on the creepy series. So all the things written here are completely fictional. So the story starts with a group of young man and woman. There were 6 people on the group and they were, Alan, Leon, Bobby, Sara, Miley and Fenah. Out of the six Alan, Leon and Bobby were boys and rest were the girls. All of them were studying in the same college and in the same class. One day there teacher told them about a legend of the town in which this college is situated. The legend said that there was a very popular singer who used to live here. But he did not became popular because he sang good songs. He became popular because he traded his soul with the devil. That was devil’s power who made him this popular. Then Alan asked that what happened to that singer. The teacher told him that one day he was found that and the reason for his death is still unknown. He also told that his guitar is seemed to be cursed as many people went to the cave where his body was found and never came back. Then Bobby asked his teacher that why any one on Earth wants his guitar. To which the teacher replied, it is because it is very valuable and the price of that guitar...

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He can still hear the music

Hello friends, this is the seventh story in my creepy story series. So all the things that are written here are completely fictional. This story is about Leon who is a good father and a sweet husband. He loves his kid and his wife a lot. He is working in a big corporate company so he did not get much time to be with his family. His family also knew that why he remain absent most of the time. But, it is a happy family where every one love each other. Whenever he went home, his wife sang him a song which usually help him to sleep. So, you can say it was much of a lullaby. Now one night something strange happened at Leon’s house. He was sleeping and was in a very deep sleep. He knew that, he does not have anything to do tomorrow so he was very relieved. He was having this kind of sleep after a long time and he did not want any one to distract him or wake him. Then suddenly his wife came running towards him. She wake him up and told him that there is some one in the kitchen. After hearing this Leon woke up and took a bat which was lying behind the door. He was very terrified and told her wife to call the police. There was total...

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