Author: Rohit Sharma

Generate ideas and make money

Do you think that people are happy with the things they already possess? You are wrong. If it was true, there wouldn’t be so much advertisement all around you. It’s you to convince people buy your products and services. Let’s use an old school way of generating new ideas. Take a pencil and a piece of paper. Just close your eyes and think about nothing for a while. Open your eyes as soon as you start thinking. Write down every idea that comes to your mind, and don’t ever think that they might be useless or just silly. If...

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Gionee A1 Price is 19,999 and Launch date in India

Just after the start of the 2017, we are seeing a lot of new phones coming into the market. We are still excited about the Nokia 3, 5 and 6 and we got the surprise as the Gionee A1 is soon going to hit the Indian market. Gionee A1 price is 19,999 After giving us a teaser about the phone a few days ago. Gionee has finally unveiled the price of Gionee A1 in the country. The Gionee A1 priced is at Rs. 19,999. The device will be available for pre-booking via offline retailers from March 31. The colour...

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Online Security And Public Wi-Fi Hotspots Risks and Precautions

Online Security And Public Wi-Fi Hotspots Every one of us uses public Wi-Fi hotspots on a daily basis. While having lunch at a coffee shop, snacking in McDonalds or waiting for a flight at an airport we use free Wi-Fi to entertain ourselves or manage some business matters on a go. Every public place is expected to have free Internet access for visitors surf the net. Various sorts of information are shared during such lunch breaks but all this data is personal and owners wouldn’t want sharing it with strangers. In order to enhance personal level of protection while...

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Tenorshare iCareFone Review – A must have Software for iPhone users

Some days ago, my brother bought a new iPhone 6s. Now the phone was great, but since he was an Android user, he doesn’t know that what are the restrictions that were made on the iPhone. So, make sure that he can manage his iPhone correctly, I started searching for software that helps iPhone users in transferring data and doing other such stuff. After searching a lot, I came to find this awesome piece of software. The Tenorshare iCareFone, this software has all the things that an iPhone user need. I mean, you can do a lot of things with...

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Can Mobile Replace Console and PC Gaming?

As we all know that day to day, the smartphones are getting much more powerful. I mean a simple and cheap smartphone would still be more powerful than old computers. Because of that, many gaming companies are coming into the app market with many great games. So, the question arises Can mobile replace Console and PC gaming. Well, if I talk about me then I am not much of a fan of Mobile gaming. But, I am a hardcore PC gamer and that may be because I am playing on PC from a very long time. I also know...

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