The long-running battle of Android Studio vs Eclipse has now come to an end.

Android Studio vs EclipseHi Guys, today we have got a match between Almighty Eclipse and “The Chosen One” Android Studio. So, before we start the fight, let me give you some insights.

Many years ago Eclipse was created to make the life of the developers a lot easy. For that, there were certain options that were put into it. For example, it can run a java file inside it that means it has an emulator.

Later when Android Development was founded, then the persons in the upper management made it the official IDE (Integrated Development Environment) of the Android Programming. To maintain the pressure of the Android Programming, an armor was made for it. That armor known as the Android SDK. So, Eclipse used the Android SDK and gave the programmer an easy way to develop Android Applications.

Seeing it, some other IDE got jealous. They were good, but the upper management did not want anyone in place of Eclipse. So, to fight Eclipse the, these IDE gave some parts of their and a new IDE was formed which was known as the Android Studio. When it was created, the upper management did not give them the enough attention it deserved. But they were also not ignoring it. Android Studio, showed their power to the upper management. Eclipse and Android Studio were thrown into a fight, from which Android Studio came victorious. Then management decided to remove the Eclipse and making the Android Studio as the official IDE of Android Development.

So, here are the match that happened between Android Studio vs Eclipse.

First Round:

Android studio is made for the Android only while in Eclipse you can write code for many languages. This is a feature and a drawback for Eclipse. It is good that, it can be used write code for many languages. But, it also tells that, there will be nothing special for Android in it. The Android may be an ordinary thing for Eclipse.

In Android Studio, there is only thing you can code about and that is Android. Android Studio is made to overcome the problems that were occurring in Eclipse. It includes a better layout manager and has many other features as well. For example. in Android Studio you don’t have to press Ctrl+Shift+O to auto import the needed libraries. This Feature came pretty handily while developing Apps in Android Studio.

So the winner of First Round: Android Studio

Second Round:

I have used Eclipse for a year and I liked it. I mean it was the key to doing all the things. For example, the content assisting in Eclipse was so good that half of the code was written for you.

Well, all of these things are also available in Android Studio. But for the Android Studio, it’s not that good. For example, whenever I tried to override a method, it gave me the option to write the method. But, unlike Eclipse it does not fill the dummy parameter for me. I disliked a lot, especially when I was telling someone about the Async task and it does not provide the dummy parameter. So, It could be a problem for beginners.

So, the winner of Second Round: Eclipse

Third Round:

Eclipse provide Graphical Editors to do the work. For example, whenever you need to add string or a group of string you can do it with GUI editor. More to that, Eclipse also provide the GUI editor for the Android Manifest file. Because of that, it was very easy to make changes in the activities and adding the permission.

In Android Studio, there is no Graphical User Interface for doing such work. You have to write everything in those XML files. So, when I switched to Android Studio, it gave me some trouble. But, because of the powerful content assistant option, it becomes very easy. But still having the GUI editor will help a lot, especially to the beginners.

So, the winner of this round: Eclipse

Android Studio vs Eclipse

Fourth Round:

Have you heard about GIT or the GitHub? If not, then head to my post on how to use GitHub, because this round is about Git.

Eclipse was great, but it lacks the integration of Git in its system. Well, that doesn’t mean, that you can’t use Git with Eclipse. You can do it, but it will be a long process.

Android Studio has taken this thing into account. Android Studio comes with a Git integration. That means you can make a repository and fetch the data with just a click. That made the Android Studio very helpful for the developers.

So, the winner of this round: Android Studio

The Final Round:

Eclipse is good and helped lots of developer in developing awesome apps. But, there are things which even it is not capable of. Coding apps in eclipse for Android Tv is quite difficult and creating and maintaining the layout is more difficult. Plus, there are certain service which are dropping their support for Eclipse. For examples, the newer version of Android Bootstrap is no longer supported for Eclipse. But, you can still use its old version on Eclipse and it is easily available on GitHub.

Android Studio is new and already in demand. All the previous services are starting to provide support to it. Plus, any other service that will come up in the future will sure support the Android Studio. Since, it is the official Android Integrated Development Tool (IDE) now.

So, Finally the winner of the Android Studio vs Eclipse battle is Android Studio.

Android Studio vs Eclipse

But, there is another thing I want to say. Both the IDE are better and you should use the one on which you can easily code.

So, that’s all on Android Studio vs Eclipse Battle.

If, I have something here then please add that in the comments.

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