Are you craving for more speed? Do you want your smartphone to have a smartphone to have a super fast internet? Well, maybe someone is hearing your request.

As we know that, some years ago mobile internet set foot in India. At that time, we got so happy but as the time passed, we felt that we need more speed.

After some time of getting the mobile internet, we got smartphones. Now, these smartphones always remain connected to the mobile internet and require a good connection,

Now to overcome those problems, 3G was introduced to India. This 3G revolutionizes the Mobile internet, but still is that enough?

Even 3G is not that fast. It can not stream HD movies, it can not be used for a good video chat. To overcome these problems, the Airtel is bringing the 4G connection.

I am pretty sure you have heard about 4G. It is the fastest internet connection available in India. It is almost 6 times faster than the regular 3G connection. So, you can understand it is really fast.

Airtel is the first telecom provider which has brought this service. You can use 4G in any city of India.

Let’s see some basic advantage of using 4G over 3G:
1. You can stream videos 6 times faster. That means no more streaming. More to that, thanks to YouTube offline feature, downloading the video will only take seconds. You can also stream the full HD movies as well.

2. It will change your experience about video chat or video call. As we all know that, 3G was not capable of doing such things. But, in 4G you can do video chats or video calls very easily.

3. Downloading of heavy apps will now become a simple task. There are many heavy games available on the play store. I am pretty sure you want to play them. But to do that, first you have to download them. I know that your current connection will take days or weeks to download such games. But, in case of Airtel 4G, it will be a matter of minutes. That’s right, you can download heavy games in less than an hour.

4. Airtel is providing 4G at the price of 3G. Isn’t that great? That means you will get the better connection at the same price.

To use Airtel 4G mobile internet, you will need an Airtel 4G sim. Now getting that sim is also very easy. You just need to go to Twitter and have to tweet with #GetAirtel4G. After that Airtel will automatically contact you and will take your address.

The Airtel 4G SIM will be delivered to your home, free of cost. That means you will get the 4G sim at your doorstep without paying anything.

I am pretty sure that after reading all this, you are going to try the new Airtel 4G connection.

Use that and post your comments right here. For more info about Airtel 4G, visit here.

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