Airbnb is a trusted community in which you can get good, cheap accommodation in all the places of the world. You can discover really good places to stay from their website and it can be reached from mobiles and tablets as well. The pricing in the Airbnb is really good, you can filter your result to get the best pricing according to your budget and can also filter that whether the place is available on your date or not.

This make our work very easy since instead of getting a room you can have the complete house and in the same price. Another thing is that you can choose the house with their location, their looks or their capacity. They have a very good user interface and searching and booking a place there is too easy.

Indiblogger with Airbnb has asking me that what are the top 5 places I want to visit and here I am answering to them :

Airbnb – Marketplace for accommodations

Airbnb – Top 5 places I want to visit :

1. Goa : I think you can’t argue with me on that, its Goa the most favorite holiday destination in India. It got the beach, It got the sea I mean its a complete package for a computer nerd like me. It got the exciting looks, great scenery and it is also the place where most of the new year party are hosted. So I don’t think I need another reason to not to go to Goa making it one on my list.

2. Singapore : Singapore is the 5th most visited city by the international tourist since they all attracted towards it So am I. There are so many places to visit such as the Chinese buildings in China Town, memorials such as CHIJMES and most importantly I want to see the WWII site such as Battle Box. So this is an interesting place and I love to got there.

3. Dubai : Recently my friend visited the Dubai and after hearing his experience I can’t stop my self to go there. There are lots of places to visit there but I wanna visit the tallest building in the world the Burj Khalifa. And there is also the market Gold Souk which has gold with reasonable price may be cheaper from here. Most of them all to live in a Arabian night and also go to a desert safari.

4. Hong Kong : I am thinking that I might have become a shopaholic and for a shopaholic this is the right place to visit. Hong Kong which is also known as shopping paradise which I want to know why 🙂 . They have a very colorful night life with good scenes. They also have Disney Land which I want to visit from a very long time.

5. Mauritius : It is a great place to visit and again it has sea, beach and lot of other interesting things as well. I want to see their sugar plantation and other things by which sugar is made. They have a great history which might be interesting and they also good scenes and comforting environment.

So That’s all on Airbnb but I also got a special deal for you from Airbnb as well.

Click on the Airbnb link and register their and you will get 25$ credits of Airbnb absolutely free.

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