Some weeks ago I bought a new phone. Since there was no need for the old phone so I thought to sell it. Finding a buyer who will give you the expected price is not an easy task. So I thought of using the sites which have a portal for sellers and buyers.

I submitted my phone number, email id, location and some other things. I thought that now my problem will be solved but instead of that it got more complicated. I received many prank calls and very stupid emails. After that, I thought that I am not going to use these types of sites in the future.

Two days ago I visited my uncle and I shared my experience with him. The first sentence that came out of their mouth was “Haven’t you heard about Quikr NXT”. So I thought of trying Quikr NXT. After trying is all I can say that my experience was awesome and I would recommend you to use Quikr NXT as well.

Before going any further, let me tell you what is Quikr NXT.

Quikr NXT is the name of the new service provided by Quikr and it is available on its mobile app, mobile site and desktop site as well. This service works as a messenger through which buyer and seller can communicate.

Now it will provide you many advantages such as:

1. Number Privacy: Thanks to this messenger your number will remain hidden from the buyer. I think that the phone number is a more personal thing. I mean, I don’t want to give any other person my phone number. It also means one more thing, that is there will be no prank calls. So it is saving your phone number and protecting your privacy as well.

For example in my case I got lots of prank calls from many pranksters. I don’t want such things happens to you also that is why use Quikr NXT.

2. Picture Sharing: What if the buyer wants to know more about the thing you are selling. For example in my case I was selling a mobile and I have submitted the pictures of my mobile on the website. Then the buyer said that I want to show the pictures of accessories. This will put me in a confused state since there is no way with which I can send pictures to him.

Thanks to Quikr NXT that problem is also solved. It has the option of picture sharing as well. That means if someone wants more details of the product then you reply them very easily with the pictures.

3. Chat History: This is a great feature that is implemented in this service. With this feature, you will have the proof of the conversation happened to you and the buyer. For example, when you meet the buyer and he said that, he don’t recall saying some things to you. In that case, you can show him the chat and told him I have the proof.

That will work in favor of both you and the buyer. With that only interesetd and genuine buyers and sellers will communicate.

All these three features will help you so much that you will start loving Quikr as I am loving it as well. This service is available on all the devices, that is also an advantage.

I will recommend Quikr NXT, so try it and tell me your experience.

Rohit Sharma
I am Rohit, a simple author on this website. I am still studying and learning new things everyday. I am not a perfect blogger just a newbie. I just love latest technology and have a addict to write and share what I know cause sharing is caring.
Rohit Sharma


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