Hello guys, this is my sixth story in the creepy series. So, all the things that are written here are completely fictional:

So the story starts with a kid named Alan. Alan is in preschool and is a very good student. Alan’s father whose name is John is also a very hard working professional in a good and reputable company.

Alan likes his school very much. He likes every thing about the town where he live. He thought that this is the only place which is good for him.

His father John also likes this town a lot and specially because he was raised here and all of his friends lives there.

One fine day, John went to his office. Then a girl came and said that the boss has called you. This thing terrified John and he started thinking what will happen now.

He went to the office of his boss. From the looks he can say that his boss was angry. He scolded John for being late at work. To which John replied that his car was broken that is why he was late.

To answer that, his boss said to him that he will be transferring him to another branch which is in another town. John has no other option beside telling him that it is okay. Because, John can not loose this job. This job is the only option of earning for him.

He went home that night and told this news to his family. His family also became sad but there was nothing they can do, so they start packing.

After two days, John shifted to a new home. It was quite a big house and they got it in a very good price. Alan joined a school there. Some days later a phone came from Alan’s school to John.

Alan’s principal called John and told him that Alan’s marks are very poor and he misbehaves in the school. John thought that it is happening because he moved to a new town.

He told the same thing to principal to which he replied that if Alan misbehave after that then they would expelled him. That night John thought of talking to Alan. He thought that, may be he can help Alan in getting used to this place.

After that dinner John went to Alan’s room. Alan’s was awake at that time and became very happy after seeing his father. John asked him if he is having any problem. To which, Alan replied “Daddy, there is someone under my bed”.

John said there is nothing under his bed. Then Alan said “Daddy, he told me that if you look for him then he will give you a fantastico surprise”. John thought that lets remove the fear from the kid’s mind and he bent his knees and saw under the bed.

For his fantastico surprise he saw a person there whose body was rotting and there were insects all over him. Then Alan, shouted “Daddy there is someone on my bed”.

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