An Android smartphones is such a great device and there are so many things in it. But, more to that, there are certain cool things which you may don’t know about. So, today we are counting down such cool things.

5 Cool things in your phone which you may don’t know about:

1. Hidden Game in The Chrome Browser:

I am sure that you have seen that Dinosaur pic in the browser when the internet is not working. Now if you click on that dinosaur the hidden game will start. This was the coolest thing I saw on my phone and it is really great.

To open this game, just disable your 3G, 4G or WiFi and try to open any website. For example “” and after that you will see the pic of that dinosaur. Now click on it and the game will start.

2. Make movie from your photos and recording

This is a very great feature which comes loaded into your Android devices. For this, you need a device running Android 4.3 or its upgraded versions. Well, I don’t think there is anyone who is running device with version lesser than Android 4.3, if you are then you certainly need to upgrade your phone.

For this to work, turn the automatic backup on and then when your photos is uploaded to the Google + private folder then you can use them to make the movie. You get the choice to select the theme the style and many other things. The process is not long but still I am embedding a video to make sure you learn, how to do it.

3. Open tabs which are open on other devices

This is another Chrome trick. I really think that Chrome is really a great piece of software because all of its features. And this feature is one of them. Now, with this feature you can access the tabs which are open in your laptop’s chrome or in any other devices.

For this to work, you must have to sign in into your laptop’s chrome browser. And one more thing, you have to use the same Google id which you are using on your phone.

Now if you have already done that, then just open chrome and from over flow menu, click on the “Recent Tabs”. From there you will see the open tabs on another device.

4. Check your physical activities with your phone

We all know there are many Fit bands are available in the market. Some of those are cheap and some of them are really expensive. But do you know that you do not need any band to check your activities. Your phone can record your number of steps.

For doing that, just download Google Fit and you are good to go. This app will tell you the number of steps you have taken, distance you have walked and the number of calories you have burned.

5. A game like Flappy Bird is already on your phone:

Do you remember the game Flappy Bird, well I certainly do. It was a great game and you have one game like that in your phone too. Well this game is only on those phones which are running Android Lolipop (5.1.1) and it’s stock version.

Well, even if you don’t have Android Lolipop, still follow these steps and you will also find some other game there.

Now to open the game, Open settings and go to the About Phone. Tap on the Android Version 5-6 times and you will see a picture of lollipop. Now, if you click on this lollipop it will change its color.

Touch the lollipop and hold it for some seconds and you will see a game is started.

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