In this world, who wants to be alone. Now, I am not talking about some depressing moments when we say “Leave me alone”. I am talking about the general life. We all wants someone to be our side. Now, we all have our best friends for that. But, we all need a person from opposite sex.

I think that you are getting the point. So, if you are unlucky in finding such friends, then maybe I can help you. Well, by me I mean, I know some things which might help you.

I think you have read the headline, so before wasting your time any further, let’s start the list of #NUMBER best Android apps to get a date.

And, one more thing Here we are talking about “Date” a social convention, not the fruit.


5 Best Dating Apps:

1. Tinder:

You know that this is coming. Well, currently Tinder is the best app to get mingle. Tinder is a very popular app and the best part of this app is, there are lots of active users of this app. That means you can finally find a dating partner for you.

Using Tinder is very easy. Just install this app and login with your facebook account. No other login method is proposed by Tinder currently. After that, your profile will be set up and you will see lots of profiles of boys/girls. You just have to swipe right if you like them or swipe left if you don’t like them.

Same thing will happen for your profile. Other users will see that and if you like each other than it will be a match. After that, your profile will be connected and you will be able to chat with that person.

They have also added a new feature in which you can super like a person. In that way, the person will quickly get a notification that you liked them.

It is available for both Android and IOS.

Available_on_the_App_Store_(gray) Android


2. Truly Madly:

It’s also a great app and it has some common feature of Tinder. This app has one other improvement and that is, instead of showing you the random profiles, it will filter the profile which will be most likely get matched.

It follows a complex algorithm and with that you have the chance to get a perfect match which will have the similar habits like you.

Other than that, the thing which they have inherited from Tinder is the same swipe right and left feature. So, if you like a profile swipe right if not then left.

It is available for Android, IOS and Windows as well.

Available_on_the_App_Store_(gray) Android

3. Badoo:

Badoo is also a good app, which I came to know about a few days ago. Just like other apps, it also have a feature to see the profiles and like or unlike feature.

More to that, Badoo also have some special features. For example, in Badoo you can see who visited your profile, what is your popularity and many other things. Badoo also have a unique feature which shows you the online users and you can directly chat with them.

Badoo also has premium plans with that you get more attention and some special privileges.

Now, I don’t find Badoo as good as others. It is focusing on people getting its premium subscription. More to that, if you don’t have a premium plan then don’t think that your profile will ever get a visit.

It is available for IOS, Android and Windows.

Available_on_the_App_Store_(gray) Android

5 Android Apps to get a date

4. Frivil:

It has a totally different concept than the other apps. On the first look, I really find this app very good but it has some problems.

In Frivil, you will make an account and after that you will be presented by many profiles of other persons. The different thing is that, instead of one profile, you will get two photos of different users. Now, you have to select which of them you like.

The same thing will also be going on with your profile. Now it will give you a score according to the likes you get. More to that, it will match you with an another type of person having the similar score.

That means it guarantees you that, you will get a match. But, now the things which are not good in it. When you get a match, you will get no notification. More to that, if you ever received a message or send one, the other person or you will not get a notification of the message. Because of that, you might not be able to chat with the other person.

So it do have some problem, but try it now may be these are now fixed. Currently, it is only available for Android.


5. Woo

Woo has a similar concept like all other apps. It will show you different profiles and your profile will be shown to many others.

If you like a profile and in return that user also liked your profile, then its a match. With that Woo also have some others features as well.

Like in Woo, instead of seeing all the random profiles, you can search a profile according to a tag. For example, you like a show like “Dexter” then you can search this tag to find out others who also like “Dexter”.

I have a problem when I chat with other persons. That is, I always ran out of topics. Woo has taken care of this problem. It provides a set of questions which you can ask to get a good conversation.

Try this, may be with “Woo” you can find your perfect match.

Available_on_the_App_Store_(gray) Android

That is all in 5 Android Apps to get a date

Tell me your experience with any of these apps in the comments.

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