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Hello fellas, I am sure most of you are using an Android Phone. Those who don’t, why don’t you switch to Android, it’s amazing. Now, I think we are going away from the topic. So as the title says, here I am writing the review of the 360 Degree Security Lite App, which is a great app for Android phones.

Now, the first question you would ask of me that why you should use this. Well, let me tell you that this app can save your battery, save your ram, save your battery and even save your phone from viruses.

So, let me explain it to you that how this app works.

360 Degree Security Lite App Review

360 Degree Security Lite App is a great app to optimize your phone. It contains many different functions which can bring many new features to your phone.

As its name suggest it is basically for securing your device from harmful viruses. Yes, you heard me right your Android device can catch a virus. This app will find those files which are infected with viruses and will delete them or try to remove the virus from them.


More to that, as we know that most of the time we have to restart our phone to clear the RAM. When we use an Android devices, then there are many different apps which keeps on running in the background. These apps are called as Services or background activities. Our normal RAM clear or task manager is not enough to stop these apps. I mean, if there is an app which you do not need currently, but it’s still running in the background, then it would be better to shut it. There 360 Degree Security Lite App do its work and close that app.


With closing the app, it does two things for you, which are:

  1. Cleaning the RAM
  2. Optimising the battery

Now one other feature of this app is Virus scanner. As I told you above that this app can easily scan the complete file system of your Android Device. With that, it will find the infected files or viruses and will save your Android Device. More to that, it will also protect your privacy and will not let anyone to steal your information.


More to that, it quick scan is so fast that it can find the vulnerabilities (if any) in the system in less than 10 seconds. For my device which has a 32 Gb memory, it took around 6 seconds to search all the files.

Now it has saved us from virus and from other untrusted sources, but it also does an another job. It will find all of your junk files and temporary files and you can delete them with one click. That means you will still have the power of choosing what you are deleting. But, the best part is all the files it finds are temporary files which are not useful for you. So that being said, it can help you to get more memory.

I used it on my device and I was able to clear files of around 4.5 Gb. So, try this if you are running out of memory on your Android devices.


I guess this will be the end of this post but not of the features of 360 Degree Security Lite App.

Also, have a look at their video below to know more about them.



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