Hello fellas, Today I am bringing you the 17 most common WordPress mistake made by newly bloggers. WordPress is seemingly the most favorite CMS(Content Management System) but still most of the people make lot of mistake while using it. Now I am not saying that everyone did it or these are all compulsion that a WordPress user must follow. But these are the things that should be avoided to make your WordPress site more better.

So I have listed some mistake made by newly WordPress bloggers.

17 Most Common WordPress Mistake Made By Newly bloggers

1. Forget to change the default permalink structure

As we know that the permalink is very important for the seo. If you don’t know what pemalink is then let me tell you.

Permalink is the static complete hyperlink to your blog posts. Since WordPress is the most awesome CMS, hence it provides 5 types of permalink structure.

The default WordPress structure should be like http://wpblog.com/?p=456. You should change it to http://wpblog.com/sample-post/

This will help you in two things. First which I mentioned above the SEO, just keep your targeted word in the URL.

Second thing will be, it will show a more appropriate URL. Cause I really don’t like the structure of the default URL . So change the default structure of permalink first and then put your focussed keyword in that and you have a SEO optimized URL.

2. Using the same Tag Line “Just another WordPress Blog”

Don’t you think that means your blog is not special. Well I hate when some one say anything about my blog and some guys are saying about their blog themselves. You should change it as soon as possible.

When you change it, try to put your logo over their instead of a headline or title. Cause a logo shows your trademark which no other can copy.

So it does two things, first it is making your blog special by not saying just another WordPress blog and secondly it is showing that you are a serious blogger who give much attention to his blog.

3. Choosing the WordPress.org or WordPress.com

I have seen many blogger who selected the WordPress.com as their host and after that they cry why I choose that. In my opinion before choosing either of them we should research.

WordPress.com is a hosting environmemt provide by Automattic. As the name suggest mostly things are done here automatically. It is best for Photgraphers, Poets, Personal Bloggers etc.

But for those who wants the complete control over their hand should choose the WordPress.org.

As we already knew that custom made themes which is premium themes and premium plugins do not work with WordPress.org. So before investing the money choose carefully.

4. Keeping the default favicon

Favicon is the small icon present seen in your browser window. Mostly theme come with default favicon icons and most of the bloggers forgot to change them.

It doesn’t matter if you are a graphic designer or not. Just took any picture or may be the first word of your site title, convert into a 16 * 16 or 32 * 32 picture and replace it with the default image.

Mostly themes come with an option to change the favicon but if your theme doesn’t have that than there are few plugins available in the WordPress plugins store which can sort out your problem.

5. Don’t use admin as the username

As we know the most common username is admin. That’s because when installing the WordPress we forgot about this thing.

WordPress is awesome and good but it it not completely secure. So making your username as admin that means you are inviting hackers to hack your WordPress blog. It is very important because username in the WordPress can’t be edited after.

Since most of the hosting provider gives us the facility of one click install. In that installation we mostly forget about username and in many cases they don’t ask for it.

But the good hosting providers such as dreamhost and Bluehost ask for it.

When I first started blogging, I purchased my hosting from Bigrock. They also have a one click installation feature but the username they choose for the WordPress is a mixture of the domain name and some numbers. So these types of things will make your blog more secure.

6. Making lots of Categories and tags

Making effective categories will surely benefit your viewers very much. And tags will surely tell them that that what is the highlight of the post.

But I have seen many bloggers which have created a lots of categories having just a single post. Making a lots of categories and lots of tags may result in the opposite direction.

Users may see that too complex and then can leave your site quickly. There is a chance that negative SEO can come to you due to this.

So instead of making many categories and tags just MAKE IT SIMPLE.

7. Choosing the theme for your WordPress Blog

One of the best thing about WordPress is, its large database of themes some of which are free and some of are premium.

Free themes are just free nothing special about them. But instead of using free we should try premium themes. They come with their own style and have a good support as well.

But before choosing them we should think of what are our requirements. For example I am only gonna publish about my app so a one page theme would be enough for me. But my friend needs a theme which is capable of showing lots of blog posts at once so he will need a Magazine theme.

If you ask me then I would recommend Genesis Framework with any child theme since it is the highest used theme or Elegant Themes since they provide you lots of great themes and plugins which can be used to fulfill any requirement.

8. Not giving attention to the SEO

SEO is an important thing, I guess we all agree on this one. But what we have to do in WordPress to get our SEO at the fullest. I think the first thing to do for that is to install a good SEO plugin.

Since there are lots of free and premium plugins are available but I would suggest using the free ones as there are no big difference between the free and the premium one.

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These plugins can help us in the on page optimization. Other than that they are also used for creating site map, getting authentication from Webmaster tools etc. They can also be used to get the good optimization of the home page.

9. Not using any type of Cache Plugin

Site Speed is an important factor, for the readers and for the SEO as well. Now I am not gonna tell you what happened if your site speed is low or your site is heavy. I am just gonna tell you that it is important that you use some sort of cache plugin with WordPress.

As there are lots of plugin available so I suggest you may choose W3 Total Cache or Wp Super Cache. Both are superb plugin and can boost your site speed by keeping your static files saved as a cache memory.

Well certainly there are many more methods to increase speed of the WordPress site and I have written a post on that on Comluv. You can take look at that.

With the Cache Plugin you can also use some CDN (Content Delivery Network) Service. CDN service is provided free by the CloudFlare you can try that, or if you want to go premium then you can choose MaxCDN or CDNIFY. It will boost the site speed and also provide you protection as well.

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10. Where is the Contact Form

Having a contact form is really better than using an email id to contact. If you are using your email id in the contact page to contact you then you must stop that. Since you are exposing your mail to lots of spammers, haters and to some other guys.

Instead of that use Form for contact. To make a contact form, you can use Contact Form 7 which may be the best free plugin to create Contact form. But I may suggest you to use FormGet, its an online form builder service using that you can create beautiful form by just drag and drop.

You can look at our contact form which is made from their service. Although we have their premium service but you can also sign up for their free service which will let you receive 200 messages per month. Which I think is more than enough.

If you want something else then you can also go with Gravity Forms which is a premium plugin and can create beautiful forms by drag and drop.

11. Forgot to take schedule backups

What happens if all of your post and media just disappear. I don’t know about you but I will break my computer if that happened or I will stop blogging. So that’s why it is important to take backups.

WordPress is completely awesome and its very easy to use but nothing in this world is perfect. Even WordPress crashes some time and what if in that crash all of your content got lost. Even the WordPress also suggest before doing the Update that you should take a back up first.

Here is another thing why back up are necessary. What if your site got hacked by someone and he delete all of your data. Then even if your site got recovered, still there is no way you could bring the data back if you don’t have a back up.

For taking back up you can use BackWpUp or UpdraftPlus both are really good plugin and will take your back up automatically.

Also take a look at Achni Jain’s post on Taking backup with Updraftplus at TechnoKarak

12. Forget to update the WordPress and plugins

This is kind of a problem with me also. In the starting I never gave any attention to the WordPress update. But then once a plugin started giving me trouble and when I contact their support they tell me that I have to update the plugin.

Then I came to know why the update is important. Updates should be done so that the previous bug that was present in the plugin/theme should be removed. With that it is also done so that new functionality of the theme/plugins or its new features get available to us.

Other than Themes and plugins there is also an update for WordPress CMS. We should also update them regularly since they provide new updates, bring you new features and provide you new security updates.

With keeping all that in mind I think that keeping update is really necessary, and this is one of the most common mistake a WordPress user make.

13. How do I check my stats – Google Analytics

This is very common mistake done by many WordPress user. I know that our WordPress dashboard combined with Jetpack is really powerful but we still need something more.

That’s why it is necessary to integrate Google Analytics on our WordPress blog. Google Analytics is a really powerful tool provided by Google and it is free as well.

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It will give you the most powerful insight about your website. It can tell you from where the traffic is coming or who is currently online or what are the monthly page views etc. These are the stats that WordPress can’t tel.

So every WordPress user should integrate Google Analytics as soon as possible.

14. Not having any protection from spam comments

Thanks to WordPress we can comment on each other blog. But there are times when people only comment to make backlinks. And there are many tools that make such type of comments. So basically they are just spams.

That doesn’t make any sense that we read each one of them and put them into spam category. Instead of that we should use Akismet or GASP. Both are free and awesome plugins which can automatically put spam comments into spam category.

Right now I am receiving more 200 spam comments every day and thanks to Akismet and GASP they all are going into the spam category. But there is a problem with Akismet, for that you can read my post on Akismet from below.

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So both of them are good and you can use both of them together as well.

15. Forgetting about mobile display

Now the internet is not limited to desktop computers. Many users daily surf the internet with smart phones. So if your WordPress site is not ready to display properly, than that would be a common mistake.

After adaptive and fluid layout, this is the time to use responsive themes. If you have bought Genesis or Elegant Themes then this would not be your problem since all of their themes are responsive.

But if you are using a different theme then that can be a problem. But don’t worry there is an easy solution to that. You can use WpTouch which is a free plugin and can make your site to look good on mobile devices.

This can solve your problem easily so if you are using a non responsive theme then try this, its worth giving a shot, and if you wanna go further in optimizing your mobile display then you can also use WpTouch Pro Plugin as well.

16. Who Wrote the post – Gravatar

Global Avatar or as we can say it Gravatar is must have thing for a blogger. Gravatar is like a profile for you but that can be used on almost every platform. That means by using this you can put your picture on the post or on the comments you will make.

Not only it will be visible to your WordPress site, but since Gravatar is accepted by many platforms so it would be useful to there as well.

Most people either don’t know about this or always forget to set that up and that’s actually happened with me as well. So speaking from personal experience setup a Gravatar right now if you don’t have.

17. Should I optimize image, may be no who care !!

Image optimization still a big thing and always will be for a WordPress site. As we know that Site speed is a big factor in SEO. So we should always use some trick that increase our website speed.

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So consider that our site is a train and its carrying lots of things. Then to increase our speed we can do two things. First one is to change the engine to a very fast one which is in practical manner comes to changing our hosting.

And second one will be throw the things that are carried by the train. Since on website we can’t throw anything but we can reduce their size. So for this whole thing Image Optimization is really important.

In the back days, a user have to optimize the image and then upload it. But now we have tools, and they can done this work easily. So to optimize your images you can use Wp Smush.it which is a free plugin.

That’s all on 17 Most Common WordPress mistake made by newly bloggers.

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